Ensure all your online channels are working together with a digital marketing strategy from jm communicationsDo you have a digital marketing strategy?

Between managing your website, your content marketing, social media marketing and paid online advertising, it’s vital that you have a digital marketing strategy in place. Strategically managing each of your online channels ensures that they complement one another and work together.

How does your website generate subscribers to your email newsletter? When should you publish a new post on Facebook? What types of things should you blog about?

At JM Communications, we will create you a digital marketing strategy that will optimise your various digital communication channels, and provide you with sustained and ongoing growth.

Social Media Management

If you’re doing business online, then you probably already understand that you need to be using social media for business. Many businesses and organisations have set up a Facebook page, but aren’t using it strategically and in conjunction with other digital marketing tools to create new connections.

At JM Communications, we’ll build a social media strategy that engages with your audience and will establish new connections, likes and followers to your social media channels.

Advertising online

Grow your website traffic with a digital marketing strategy from JM CommunicationsPaid digital advertising is a tool that allows you to narrow down your audience and get your message in front of only the people who you’re trying to reach. Primarily this comes through Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising, although there are additional tools available to meet your target audience.

JM Communications can assist you in creating effective Adwords and Facebook advertising strategies that will see your message presented to the people you want to see it.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Perhaps your digital marketing strategy is already in place, but you want to feel confident that you’re heading in the right direction. Josh Mitchell is an experienced digital marketing consultant who can provide you with guidance and the confidence that your online marketing is fulfilling your needs.

With over ten years of experience in the digital marketing and advertising industry, Josh has worked with a range of clients from small, home-operated businesses to large enterprises with international marketing needs.

Josh has a real passion to assist businesses in embracing the advantages and benefits that come with managing affairs in the digital age, and has worked on a number of projects implementing digital business solutions including cloud-based CRMs and communication tools, as well as digital marketing strategy creation.

Contact JM Communications today to create a digital marketing strategy that will generate new connections on your social media channels, create more traffic to your website, and build stronger relationships with existing clients and new leads. Call us today and discuss how we can help you.

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