Start Up Marketing

At JM Communications, we have an entrepreneurial heart, and a huge enthusiasm to work with innovative start ups in taking your idea from concept to a successful business. That’s why we’ve developed a special service package specifically for start up marketing plans.

We can help your start up with branding and identity, website hosting and development, email, and most of all, generating buzz around your new product or innovation. Going into the next phase of business, we can help you in the development and implementation of a start up marketing strategy that will get your message out to the world and generate leads into your new business.

JM Communications will set up your start-up website on the powerful WordPress platform, developing a functional and effective site to promote your product and communicate your message. This includes setting up a blog and the creation of regular posts to detail your journey to your audience.

Our start up marketing partners can provide you with some amazing opportunities to demonstrate your product using the latest 3D modelling and virtual reality technology.

Call JM Communications today to build your start up marketing plan and take your new business idea from concept to success.