Stay online and up to date with a website maintenance plan from JM CommunicationsDomain names, hosting, security certificates, and more – ongoing website maintenance can feel like it’s more confusing and complicated than it was to build your website in the first place.

To help you with that, JM Communications provides website maintenance services for a small monthly fee that allow you to be confident in the fact that your website is online and running smoothly.

Website Hosting

There are so many website hosting companies available to choose from today, and if you aren’t sure what you need, it’s very easy to get caught in a black hole that drains your budget without providing any benefit to your business or organisation. At JM Communications, we take care of this for you with tried, tested and approved hosting providers.

We can also take care of your domain name management, email setup, SSL certificates and other requirements that you may have to ensure that your online tools are working for you.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Getting your website up and running is one thing; the next step is to keep it online. Regardless of its simplicity, regular maintenance is a necessity for every website to ensure that you are effectively engaging with your audience.

Ensure your WordPress website maintenance is taken care of with JM CommunicationsOne of the benefits of a WordPress website is that it’s easy to maintain your site and keep everything up to date. However, there are still a number of moving parts behind the scenes that can potentially cause issues for you if they stop functioning properly.

That’s why JM Communications offers our WordPress website maintenance plans. We’ll look after any WordPress updates, theme updates and plugin updates that come up and ensure that your website stays online and running smoothly.

As a bonus, we will also make minor updates to information or images on your website if and when you need to make a change!

Would you like to be able to rest in the confidence that your website is maintained and up to date? To know that when people search for you, they’ll actually find you and be able to reach you? Contact JM Communications today to discuss our website maintenance support plans, and we’ll help you stay online and up to date.

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