Stand out from the crowd and your competitors with a custom designed WordPress website from JM Communications.Stand out from the crowd with a custom built WordPress website.

Your website is more than just a billboard you post online, hoping that people will come and see what you’re about. It’s a reflection of who you are as a business; it is a statement of your identity.

That means you don’t want your website to be just another cookie-cut version of the same thing; you want your website to stand out and clearly express who you are and what you provide to your clients.

A custom designed WordPress website will allow you to stand out from your competitors; as well as generate more traffic, and keep visitors on your site longer. Whatever purpose you have for your website, generating more engagement with your audience will help you to reach those goals.

Why a WordPress Website?

WordPress is arguably the most powerful and easiest to use content management system in the world today. Almost 30% of websites on the internet are built on the WordPress platform, with over 500 new sites being created each day.

A WordPress website from JM Communications is easy to maintain and update without paying a developer.This is why JM Communications builds WordPress websites exclusively. It is our priority to ensure that you have the most powerful, flexible and effective website that we can provide. WordPress is the tool that allows us to do that for you.

A content management system like WordPress allows you to have control over your own website’s content without worrying about complicated coding and design elements. It means saving the costs of getting a developer to make minor updates to the images or information on your website, because you can do it yourself in the easy-to-use editor.

(Of course, you can still take advantage of our website maintenance package which includes making small updates like this at no extra cost!)

Sell Online

The purpose of your website can be a range of things, but if you’re selling specific products or services, then why not take advantage of the ability to sell direct to your customers from your website?

JM Communications can build you an effective e-commerce website, still on the powerful WordPress platform, that will allow you to sell your products or services direct to your customers. We’ll take care of all of the setup, including security certificates; payment gateways, and design, allowing you to continue to focus on sales.

Want to get more out of your website? Contact JM Communications today to talk about getting a custom WordPress website for your business or organisation.

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