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It’s what allows us to share ideas, to build connections, to discuss opinions, to connect with one another. And when you’re in business, effective communication is integral to your success. Whether it’s marketing your products or services, getting active on your social media page, or establishing an email marketing newsletter for your business, it all comes back to one vital word.


Communication and marketing are aspects of business that many people struggle with. It’s not that they don’t understand that their business needs marketing, but how do you go about it? It all starts with one simple concept: Your Message.

What’s your message?

Your message is the core of what you want people to know. Some may consider it to be your elevator pitch, however, I’d argue that your message is the foundation on which your elevator pitch is built. Your elevator pitch is primarily focused on what you have to offer someone else. Your message, instead, focuses on what you do to get there.

For example, the message I have crafted for myself is:

I help clients to build stronger relationships with customers and contacts, allowing them to reach more people, build trust, and generate new and repeat business through a strategic and holistic approach to communication.

As opposed to an elevator pitch, which would read something along these lines:

“I help businesses to increase sales and revenue by creating strong relationships with existing and new clients through to the use of a holistic communications strategy.”

On the surface, the two sentences look pretty similar, right? That’s supposed to happen, but the difference is that one’s about me, the other is about my clients. The Message is self-identifying. It’s inward-focused, which is the important aspect. It provides a central core from which the rest of my business can operate without getting distracted.

What I offer is increased sales for your business. What I do is create trust and strong relationships between businesses and their customers.

If you’d like to know how I can help you to grow your business sales, then please give me a call on +6141 550 8888 or email

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